SynMatter is headquartered in Orlando and currently maintains a laboratory at the Space Life Science Lab, located next to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The Space Life Sciences Lab is a facility run by Space Florida, a special district of the State of Florida focused on promoting high-tech research and development in Eastern Florida. This laboratory complex provides all the amenities required to perform SynMatter’s chemical research and development, such as fume hoods, chemical receiving, storage and shipping, appropriate hazardous and toxic materials storage and waste disposal, centrifuges, ovens and basic analytical equipment. This involves appropriate facilities, equipment and practices to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, including airborne emissions, waterborne effluents, outdoor noise and solid and bulk waste disposal practices. Given its location in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, special precautions have been made to ensure the safety and well-being, not only of the personnel within the building, but also the flora and fauna outside.

Space Life Sciences Lab

Further, SynMatter owns standard laboratory equipment and supplies necessary for microparticle synthesis, processing and basic analysis, such as laboratory grade glassware, hot plates, a spray dryer, a salt fog chamber for accelerated corrosion testing, and other required standard laboratory supplies. SynMatter also has access to advanced analytical characterization, such scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy, at the University of Central Florida’s Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC) located in Orlando, FL.


SynMatter’s Lab at the Space Life Sciences Lab


Fume hood, Spray dryer and Balances


Salt Spray Chamber for Accelerated Corrosion Testing