SynMatter utilizes a NASA developed Platform Technology to produce Active Delivery systems with Triggered Release properties to create Smart Materials.

Active Agents

This is achieved through the  encapsulation of active agents into triggered release microparticles. A very wide range of active agents has been successfully delivered ranging from highly water soluble to insoluble materials; from small inorganic salts to large organic molecules; and compounds with molecular masses as low as 50 g/mol to as high as 240,000 g/mol. The main


Mode of Action

These microparticles are designed to be incorporated into nearly any polymer, such as coatings, varnishes, plastics, resins, caulks, putties, sealants, adhesives,  etc. and provide those matrices with Smart Functionalities. This is achieved through the microparticles’ built-in release mechanism that is triggered by external stimuli, mainly changes in pH, but can be modified to be sensitive to changes in temperatures or ion concentrations, mechanical damage, visible, infrared or UV radiation, redox reactions, magnetism, and others.



The delivery systems have so far focused on waterborne and solventborne coating applications, which includes the use of particles containing corrosion indicators, to show the location and extent of corrosion under an intact coating; corrosion inhibitors, to prevent corrosion from propagating; and antifouling materials, to mitigate the spread of biofouling. A wide range of other materials can be delivered using the triggered release mechanism, such as fluorescent materials, catalysts, monomers, polymers, pigments, curing agents, biocides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc. for potential use in a number of applications, including plastic manufacturing, catalyst delivery in synthetic reactions, fertilizers & pesticides, personal care products and many more.

How it works

The video below schematically demonstrates the method of action for corrosion inhibition for microparticles incorporated into coatings.

Corrosion  Indication

SynMatter is working to develop corrosion indication pigments can provide a highly visible method for indicating the location and extent of corrosion underneath a coating.


Corrosion Inhibition

SynMatter’s anticorrosive pigments are formulated to work effectively on a number of different metal alloys for protection of metals against corrosion.                                   


Anti-Biofouling Applications

SynMatter is working to incorporate biocidal agents into microparticles to create antifouling coatings that prevent biofilm formation and protect against damage from biological matter.




Future Applications

Catalysts & Synthesis

SynMatter will be exploring the use of their microparticles for use with catalysts for curing and other synthetic applications.


Fertilizers & Pesticides

SynMatter will be exploring the use of their microparticles for use with controlled release of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture.      


Personal & Household

SynMatter will be exploring the use of their microparticles for use with personal care (cosmetics, shampoos, fragrances) and household products (cleaning).