Smart Particles

This video demonstrates how SynMatter’s Smart Particles imbue coatings with corrosion protection.



Simplicity of formulating Smart Particles into Coatings

Smart Particle Applications

Corrosion  Indication

SynMatter is working to develop corrosion indication pigments can provide a highly visible method for indicating the location and extent of corrosion underneath a coating.

Corrosion  Inhibition

SynMatter’s environmentally friendly anticorrosive pigments are formulated to work effectively on a number of different metal alloys to protect them against corrosion.

Biofouling Mitigation

SynMatter is creating Smart Particles with antifouling and antimicrobial properties that prevent damage caused by the growth of biomatter on the surface of coatings.


Catalysts & Synthesis

SynMatter is exploring the use of  Smart Particles to deliver catalysts and curing agents to create coatings and plastics with advanced properties.

Fertilizers & Pesticides

SynMatter is exploring the use of Smart Particles to create fertilizers and pesticides with extended performance for agricultural applications.

Personal & Household

SynMatter is exploring the use of Smart Particles to create more improved personal care (cosmetics, shampoos) and household cleaning products.