SynMatter LLC has been awarded a NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to develop next-generation omniphobic, antimicrobial coatings for spacecraft for contamination control and planetary protection. This omniphobic, antimicrobial coating is applicable for many types of spacecraft within NASA’s portfolio, be they satellites, rovers, space stations, or capsules for human space travel. They can provide continuous protection against adherence and survival of inorganic, organic and biological contaminants giving the saying “Cleanliness is a virtue” a whole new meaning.

To achieve this, SynMatter is utilizing its patent-pending technology to develop Smart Particle that combine multiple modes of protection into one smart coating additive. This approach enables the adaptation of the technology from coatings for spacecraft to earth-bound applications, such as use food production and processing, healthcare and the marine industry.

“We are very excited and grateful to be receiving this prestigious award from NASA. This funding will enable us to to develop and commercialize durable, omniphobic, antimicrobial coatings that will protect other planets from unwanted Earth contamination, protect Earth from potential contamination during planned return missions and then ultimately protect everyone on Earth from the effects of harmful pathogens.” Xuejun Zhang, CEO & Chief Scientist, SynMatter LLC

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