SynMatter is proud to announce the selection as a winner in the Seventh Round of funding from the Florida-Israel Joint Innovation Partnership.

Space Florida, the aerospace and spaceport development authority for the State of Florida, and the Israel Innovation Authority, an independent, publicly-funded agency created to address the needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems, established a $2 million recurring joint fund to support research, development, and commercialization of aerospace and technology projects that benefit both Israel and Florida. For this Call for Projects, 15 joint proposals were submitted by teams of for-profit companies in Florida and Israel.

SynMatter was selected as one of four teams to receive funding. SynMatter is looking forward to the joint development of one-layer corrosion protection coating systems with built-in surface treatment for innovative applications in the military, aerospace and aviation industries with its Israeli partner, Green-ICPS.

SynMatter thanks Space Florida and the Israeli Innovation Authority for selecting SynMatter and Green-ICPS’ project.

Space Florida, Israel Innovation Authority Announce Seventh-Round Winners of Innovation Partner Funding


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